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Class Descriptions:

Baby Ballet (2 - 3 yrs) 30 mins

Baby Ballet is for our tinnie tiny ballerinas who will be able to come in with a parent/carer and feel supported in the studio while learning ballet steps and going on an adventure! (This can be first on the list of classes)

Nursery Ballet (3 - 4 yrs) 30 mins

A creative and story-based class where the children are taken on a different adventure each week. With props and lots of imagination, the children will learn basic ballet steps and movements in a fun and friendly environment.

RAD Pre-Primary (4 - 5 yrs) & Primary Ballet (5 – 6 yrs) 45 mins

These classes will focus on further developing co-ordination, balance and posture along with new ballet steps and positions. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and children over the age of 6 years may be given the opportunity to be entered for their first ballet exam.

RAD Grade 1 - Grade 8 (7 yrs +) 1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins

These classes offer a structured programme of ballet where pupils will learn skilled ballet technique and artistry following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The children will be encouraged to attend

twice a week and will be given the opportunity to be entered into their grade examinations at the RAD.

Jazz Class (5 yrs +) 45 mins - 1 hour

This class is a high energy class full of kicks, spins,  leaps, jumps, stretching and jazzier, dance movements. The class is set to all different types and eras of music and the students learn short dance routines involving the steps they have learnt. This class is a great addition to any ballet class or as a class on its own.

Contemporary (5 yrs +) 45 mins - 1 hour

Contemporary ballet is a style of dance that meshes classical ballet with modern dance to create movements that are more expressive and less rigid in form than classical ballet. Contemporary can be done in conjunction with ballet or on its own.

Stretch and Strengthen (Grade 2+) 15 - 30 mins

A 15 - 30 minute add-on to the regular ballet class to improve flexibility, strength and stamina.

Progressing Ballet Technique (Grade 3+)

This class uses a fit ball and a theraband to improve the student's core strength and  coordination. This class is the perfect compliment to classical ballet training and greatly enhances the ballet technique.

Pre-Pointe (Grade 3 +) 1 hour

This class is designed to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary for pointe work in the future. This class will ensure the correct alignment and safe technique.

Term Dates

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Term Fees (12 weeks)

  • 30 mins Ballet - £108
  • 45 mins Ballet - £120
  • 1 hour Ballet - £132
  • 1 hour 15 mins Ballet - £144
  • 1 hour Jazz/Contemporary class - £120
  • Pre-pointe - £120
  • Intermediate Foundation - £168

Free trials, sibling and second class discounts, and 'recommend a friend' discount available.

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Parents are invited and encouraged to view their child's progress at open classes on the final lesson of every term. However, we kindly request that parents do not attend lessons during term time.

Whilst we are fully aware that it is a joy to watch your own children learn to dance, from experience, we have learnt that children progress quicker, become more independent and are less distracted when other adults are not in the lessons.

The open classes are a special opportunity to come and see what your child has learnt.