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"My daughter started nursery ballet with Miss Nicholette a year ago and she loves it! The classes are fantastically structured holding their attention through imaginative journeys. Highly recommend!"
Marike Schepers, mother of Esme
"My daughter started at the Moone School of Ballet three years ago. She is now 7 and enjoys going there every week. It is a great place to learn ballet techniques, meet new friends, enjoy the music and most important to have fun! Miss Nicholette is sweet and professional. She was amazing to help Lily to achieve distinction in her primary ballet exam! Thank you very much!"
Wei Wei Cui, mother of Lily
"Annabelle has attended the Moone School of ballet since she was 3 years old. She began as a shy little girl who has now blossomed into a quietly confident and enthusiastic ballerina. Her progress and love of ballet has been motivated and encouraged by Nicholette, an exceptional teacher who's passion, creativity and focus are inspirational to all the children. Annabelle adores her lessons and Miss Nicholette and quite apart from achieving amazing results, she never stops smiling throughout. It's a joy to watch!"
Barbara Nicholson, mother of Annabelle
"It has been such a pleasure watching our daughter’s ballet skills develop over the year –to the point where we were amazed at how fantastic the whole class were during the parent end of term show. Nicholette uses lots of imagination and props to make the classes engaging, interactive and fun (crucial for children at this age) so that our daughter literally skips to her ballet class with anticipation!"
Natasha Frangos, mother of Evangeline
"Annabelle is always so thrilled to attend ballet class and her progress has been very good! She loves to dance and I am so happy to have found a class for her that is so nurturing."
Sydney Yoshida, mother of Annabelle
"Both my daughters have loved their ballet for the past 4 years...Miss Nicholette shows unlimited patience and enthusiasm each week and we feel very fortunate to have the Moone School of Ballet in Fulham"
Anna Hughes, mother of Rosie and Ella
"Brilliantly taught classes that my daughters adore. Organised, calm and confident teachers bring out the best in the girls, and ensure classes are fun while instructive. The ballet has helped my daughters' coordination, posture, strength and overall love of music and dance. I highly recommend the Moone School."
Laetitia Lynn, mother of Honor and Serena
"Fantastic teaching environment, lovely teachers and fun! My 4 year old looks forward to her Saturday lessons, putting on her ballet costume and dancing. She has blossomed under Miss Nicholette and the teachers at Moone Ballet!"
Fiona Jauss, mother of Willow
"My three year old started the nursery classes last term and absolutely loves it. Nicolette is a brilliant teacher and so patient with them."
Diane Higgins, mother of Alice
"My daughters 5 & 3 years love ballet classes with Miss Nicholette and Miss Meg. Miss Nicholette is very patient, friendly and caring. She conducts lovely ballet classes full of imagination and storytelling for the little ones."
Kristin, mother of Cleo and Poppy
"My daughter Phoebe is thoroughly enjoying her class and LOVES Miss Nicholette. We have recommended the school to lots of friends .Keep up the great work."
Aimee, mother of Phoebe
"Maud loves her ballet classes! She is always really excited before and after her class and shows at home what she has learned. While showing her ballet skills, mommy has to join in at her instructions of 'pointy toes' and we do the 'unicorn' together elegantly galloping through the living room. :-) Maud will certainly join again next season!"
Romee, mother of Maud
"My daughter was one of Nicholette’s first pupils at the age of four. Now seven, she has successfully completed her preliminary exam and is happily working towards her Grade 1. Throughout, Nicholette has kept the lessons fun, rigorous and well paced so that all the girls progress together and gain in confidence and proficiency every term. Nicholette gets the girls to work hard, but with a very light touch. My daughter adores Nicholette and coming to ballet each week. The move up into working for exams and practising character steps has made her more keen than ever to carry on."
Sam, mother of Eleanor
"Zita loves her ballet class. The whimsical, imaginative approach has made it really fun, all we hear at home now is ‘fairies come it and witches stay out!"
Mrs Henault, mother of Zita
"Our daughter has always been very shy. She was 2y 8m when she started nursery ballet classes. I believe she was the youngest in the class. From the start she was happy to go to the classes and truly enjoyed being there, however, she was reluctant to join in. Now after 10 months it is a real pleasure to see how her confidence grew and how she acts and dances like other little ballerinas. Thank you."
Aga, mother of Mia